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About our Group...

This website is designed and dedicated to providing inspiration, training and community coordination to our neighbors in the Spokane area who are interested in Permaculture. In general there are many websites and Youtube videos that discuss Permaculture design principles and highlight example of its use all over the world.  However there is only one Spokane and it is our home.  Sometimes it is hard to interpret which trees, plants and techniques will work best here.

While we will provide summaries and links to books, videos and other websites that are rich in the many topics related to Permaculture, we will concentrate on highlighting and discussing what works here.  Luckily we have many experts in the Pacific Northwest and Inland Northwest willing to share thier experience with us. 

In the coming months we will provide:

  • Calendar Regular Permaculture Study Group meetings concentrating on sharing the basics in our area.  When you find an event you want to attend you can register and elect to be reminded by email when the event approaches.
  • Locations of resources for trees, seeds, mulch and more.  Tips on the best prices and most convenient vendors in your neighborhood (buy VERY locally) can be a great time saving.
  • Connect People with Permaculture Design Certificates with people interested in designing their own backyard garden or larger agriculture projects.
  • For local Farmers we hope to faciliate conversations about dryland farming techniques, keyline plowing, no-till techniques, polyculture and GMO alternatives.  Farmers are our lifeblood and we want to do anything we can to help.
  • ...much, much more

Please Register (top right Corner), update your profile to show what part of town you are in (no addresses please).  Just enter your neighborhood or area name into the city field so we can make friends and support each other.  You can also join (or suggest creating)  one or more of the Community Groups so that you can select which reminders or forums you want to be associated with.

As a Community Portal our intent is to open up the website to registered members so that they can add links to their favorite books and videos and have us all review, comment and vote on them, as well as participate in any of the many forums we will set up to ask and answer questions.

If there are any passionate Permaculturists who will help build the website and strengthen our community then contact the webmaster Mike Hagar.


If you have any questions, comments or problems please contact us at