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Published on Friday, January 11, 2013

Establishing a Food Forest - the Permaculture Way

by Geoff Lawton

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Mike Hagar (website host)

Mike Hagar (website host)

1 comments on article "Establishing a Food Forest - the Permaculture Way"


Mike Hagar (website host)

1/11/2013 4:24 PM

WOW! I did not understand until now how Nitrogen Fixing Trees worked in the food forest. I did buy and plant quite a few Siberian Pea shrubs on recommendation by Skeeter but I just thougth they would feed the soil. No. They grow fast and provide shade for the young trees. As you need to open the sky for sun at different times of the year, you chop (prune) the branches and leaves like you would ground cover and leave them on the ground. Not only does the decaying leaves eventually decompose but when you prune the branches, the roots slough off roots and nitrogen into the soil. This way you work it from both the top and the bottom.

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