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Published on Sunday, January 13, 2013

Garden in Old Spokane

It was sweet while it lasted. Three years back we told our next door neighbors we were installing raised beds in our front yard.In shock at the thought of less grass in the front yard, our dear, elderly neighbors offered us their 800 sq foot garden in exchange for produce. We became sharecroppers. After several years of their tenants using the space for growing efforts [and giving up when the weeds arrived] their garden had gone to weeds [like thistle, that deep rooted spreading grass, morning glory etc.]. We dug up as many weeds as possible, grew a cover crop to suppress weeds and build some soil life, then built 4 raised beds in the space, resulting in about 400 sq ft of growing area. We hauled in straw to suppress weeds in the path and added lots of compost to the beds. We hand weeded daily to keep up with the insidious morning glory.

Last week we found out the garden will be re-purposed for use by a yet to open restaurant. Urban garden restoration feels good. We gave the garden back it's life, and reurn it to the owner in much better condition. Now we take down the north side maple trees in our backyard, and build those raised beds in our backyard and the front yard. Once you have 400 sq ft of raised beds filled with homemade compost, to grow your veggies in you get spoiled.


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Siemen Family Farms, Inc.

2/4/2013 7:21 PM

So true - sorry for the bum luck on losing your sharecropper space but at least you can take some of that work and relocate it to your new beds. Fun while it lasted?

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