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Published on Thursday, January 09, 2014

Final Report-- University of Idaho Sustainability Center Livestock Processing Project

increasing livestock production and processing for local and regional markets in northern Idaho and eastern Washington

Folks, I'm pasting this email here  because I think this is important news. I got it because I attended a couple of events put on by the organizers. I'm also attaching the two files that came with the email because they are not yet available on the UI website referred to.

Chrys Ostrander

From: Newman, Soren ( <>

Date: Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 4:42 PM
Subject: Final Report-- Livestock Processing Project

Dear Livestock Producers and Other Partners,

Starting in 2011, the University of Idaho Sustainability Center partnered with local livestock processors and producers and UI faculty and students to research the economic development potential of increasing livestock production and processing for local and regional markets in northern Idaho and eastern Washington.  We explored the viability of different USDA-inspected processing options by examining economic feasibility, environmental impacts, consumer demand, producer capacity and willingness to participate, and processing capacity. 

We are wrapping up this research project and want to share our findings with you. The attached report “Strategies to Increase Prosperity for Small Farms through Sustainable Livestock Production, Processing, and Marketing” briefly summarizes the project findings. 

Additional publications, reports, and other resources from the project will soon be available on our webpage (  We hope you find these resources useful!

Another outcome of this project was the creation of the Greater Palouse Meat Producers (GPMP), a group of local people dedicated to establishing a USDA-inspected facility that will serve local producers and consumers. The GPMP asked us to share their newsletter, which provides an update for livestock producers on the group’s progress working towards establishing a local USDA-inspected processing. Their current newsletter is also attached. However, we wanted to respect your privacy and have not shared your contact information with them.  

If you do wish to receive future updates from the GPMP, simply send an email to Ann Bowes at and she will add you to their mailing list.

We appreciate your support and participation in this research endeavor! 

Best wishes for 2014,

Soren Newman

Research Associate
Office of Community Partnerships
University of Idaho, Shoup Hall 312
208-885-6034 (office)
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