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Mighty Mustard

Published on Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mighty Mustard

Really Spicy Mustard

Mighty Mustard

Plants are a lot smarter than people.” ~ Dr. Jack Brown, Professor of Breeding and Genetics at the University of Idaho. 20 years of university research. Good for organic and Sustainable farms.

Mighty Mustard – a cover crop developed in the Northwest United States of America by Jack Brown/ first for condiment use/ then biofumigation and biomass

2 Varieties

- Brassica juncea – Ida Gold – suppresses weeds

- Sinapis alba – Pacific Gold – active against insects and some nematodes and fungal pathogens.


Biofumigation – “to harness the natural chemical agents(high levels of glucosinolate(spicy)) of plants to suppress weeds, fungal pathogens and insects.”

Green Manure – Both varieties create biomass by growing fast(4-6 or 8-12 weeks full bloom) reaching up to 6 ft tall, with a tap root 2-6ft deep. This tap root pulls nitrogen up to the surface. Once they reach full bloom(the time of max root growth, nitrogen content and biomass) the mustard can be turned in for quickest results, or mowed down for no till methods.

Benefits – Increase Organic Matter

  • Recycle and Redistribute nitrogen in soil profile

  • Reduces wind and water erosion

  • Improves long-term health of soil

  • Sequesters carbon

  • Provides an all natural(non-GMO) alternative to toxic chemicals

  • Safe around kids and pets. Just don't let them eat it since it's super spicy.

Good For – Fruit and vegetable gardens

  • Potato and grain fields

  • Vineyards and Orchards

  • Hoophouses

  • Tired and Fallow fields.

Planting and Process

  • plant seeds and let grow 4 – 12 weeks

  • Then till in or mow down

  • Let soil sit vacant for 3 weeks before the next planting.

  • Do not plant with other cover crops, as it may suppress them as well

Available at:

  • Sun People Dry Goods

  • Aslin-Finch

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