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Published on Saturday, December 27, 2014

An ode to winter

How I have learned to embrace winter

---The time after harvest, after putting the farm to bed and before January seems to be almost a time of "coasting". I feel the freedom to just lay back, get ready for and enjoy the holidays, dream about next year and plan for it. Come January though everything changes.
---When January 1 hits I realize that although winter still has two months remaining on the Julian calendar, on the "Oh shit, March is Right Around the Corner" calendar it is 5 subjective days away! We start sprouting in late-Feb for some plants. The ground here is workable by the first week of March. I can dig holes by then as well. This fosters a sense of urgency.
---This winter I have decided to spend much more time in my shop preparing for the next season. There is just so much to do. As a Christmas gift this year Torie and Dan got me a 1 1/2" tenon cutter that is used with a 1/2" electric drill to make tenons. I can now quickly cut the pieces I need for outdoor furniture, the greenhouses I want to build this year and the woven fence I want to make.
---This period of time from January to March 1 is most useful as a time of experimentation and learning in preparation for spring. It is also a good time to catch up on my permaculture readings. Permaculture has so many nuances and hidden corners. It is endlessly fascinating!
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