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Permaculture Property Checklist

Next in the Geoff Lawton Video Series


Geoff here again. 

My brand new free video "Permaculture Property Checklist" is now LIVE and ready for you to view:

It tackles secrets to design - in all climates - that are extremely beneficial, for people who already own land and for people looking to buy.  And - this is something I've never released before - I'm including a 12 page pdf, "Permaculture Designer" that reviews all the key points, and includes a detailed checklist.  Just download that from my home page.

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Example of Creating a Community Food Forest

Erik Ohlsen (  takes you on a tour of an edible oasis he created on a 1/3 acre asphalt lot, encouraging you to think about sustainable living for small-town and suburban life. In the face of drought, fire, peak oil, energy depletion, soil depletion and more, what can you do to live a more eco-friendly life?

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