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Large Projects Meeting on Sunday

This Sunday - January 4, 2015

In the interest of ease I thought I'd post a "refreshed" article on Sunday's meeting...mostly because I just can't find the original thread Cara posted that has the comments. :-P
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Learn Foraging and Ancestral Skills with the Human Habitat Project

There are exiting ways to get involved in the Human Habitat Project this coming year!

I'm gearing the agenda toward providing a cutting edge bioregional education experience, through foraging, ancestral skills immersion, permaculture, resource stewardship, travel, exposure to congruent communities, and connecting with intriguing individuals. After all, my own desire to continually learn and explore was the impetus for the project. A satisfying education involves more than books and tests. The education we all want is an adventurous path to leading a rich life. The Human Habitat Project is about pursuing nature's 'good life'. This journey is made of intimate connections with life's great variety, finding lifelong friends and mentors, exploring the land, learning from the land's cultures, giving to the greater community, and finding your niche. The agenda linked outlines activities planned for the year, at the project site, and across the broader bioregion. If you'd like participate, or have ideas for integrating your own plans, please get in touch (
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Biochar Workshop Notes

from Sunday 11/23 at Polly Judd House, Spokane, WA

Author: Phil

About 20 folks attended. It was cold, sometimes windy. The sun poked out for brief periods, much appreciated. The fire helped.

Image:  Biochar Bokashi from Pacific Biochar, part of the workshop.

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2015 Inland Northwest Permaculture Design Course?

A message from Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski seeking advice from permaculture-inclined folks in Spokane County, Stevens County and surrounding counties.

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Reminder about Fall Harvest Party -this Sunday 10/12

Author: Torie Foote

Don't forget our Harvest Party! Sunday 10/12 Starts around 2pm. until????

Bring a dish to share-don't be square :-)

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The Classic Texts Downloadable for your Agriculture Library

Wisdom from agricultural heroes

Author: Annie M

Per the website owner:

This website provides downloadable e-books about radical agriculture, natural hygiene/nature cure and self-sufficient homestead living. There are secondary collections involving social criticism and transformational psychology.

No payment is required.

The library explores the connection between agricultural methods and the health or illness of animals and humans. A study of these materials reveals how to prevent and heal disease and increase longevity, suggests how to live a more fulfilling life and reveals social forces working against that possibility.


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Roundup Alternatives Testing

Permaculture Our Urban Design: Part 11

At our last Permaculture Meeting at Sean and Shannon's we discussed many things including weed control.  I found this Youtube video with a great test of several alternatives. 

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Olla Project

... from May Permiculture Meeting at Andrea and Pat's

At last months (May) meeting at Andrea and Pat's we had a great time, good company, helped Pat fence a chicken yard and Andrea provided everyone a hand made and fired Olla.  Because so few people showed up some of us got 2.  Andrea was requesting that people experiment with them as a watering tool for the INW.  We I finally got it into the ground...

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New Law in Washington State Expands Farm Internship Pilot Program

Three-year pilot program to allow small farms in sixteen WA counties to take on interns, paid or unpaid.

A new law in Washington State, Establishing a Farm Internship Program (FIP), introduced as bill SB 5123 to the Washington State legislature in 2013, was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee on March 28, 2014.The law, which by all practical matters extends and expands a pilot program that had been in existence in Skagit and San Juan counties during 2010 and 2011, sets up a new, three-year pilot program to allow small farms in sixteen WA counties to take on interns, paid or unpaid. These interns will perform farm work, benefit from a structured educational program approved by the Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries and administered by the farmer and receive Workers' Compensation coverage with premiums paid by the farm.
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Micro-Loans for Farms, and Food Related Businesses Local to Spokane

Local Vision Investing, LLC

You might be a farmer, a food producer, a supplier.  Perhaps you grow apples, and make cider. Maybe you raise worms, sell worm castings and make great composted soil. Perhaps you raise bees and make honey, or bread, or goat cheese. Whatever is your role in local food production, Local Vision Investing will consider your application for a micro-loan.
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If you have any questions, comments or problems please contact us at