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Supporting City Council members ordinance for Market Gardens & small livestock

Author: Torie Foote

This is a good initiative on Market Gardens and Small animal livestock for urban areas, so I hope you will join in!
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February 23rd at 2:00 PM

Author: Annie M

David Liezen, who is extremely knowledgeable about apple varieties from all over the world, is teaching the grafting class.

In addition to the grafting demo, David plans to bring handout materials and share lots of contact information for growers, websites and organizations dedicated to saving heirloom apple varieties from around the world. After the workshop there will be a potluck. Drinks will be provided.

Join us and add a new skill to your permaculture tool bag.

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Spokane Urban Agriculture Planning Meeting

Sat. January 11 - 2pm - Spokane Public Library Downtown Branch

The next meeting of this Urban Agriculture group will be on Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 2pm at the Spokane Public Library, Downtown Branch and will be geared towards discussing the creation of a phasing plan.

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to attend. You may contact Omar at
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Citizens Advisory Committee Food Forest Plant List

City of Spokane

Author: Phil

The Inland NW Food Forest Council is working with the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department to develop a food forest plant list. I post the most current version as an Excel spreadsheet on Dropbox.  To view the file CLICK HERE.  

Dropbox is a great file sharing tool.  If you install Dropbox using the following link both you and I will receive an extra 0.5GB cloud storage.  INSTALL DROPBOX.

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Food Forest Speaker Jacqueline Cramer

Monday September 16, The Woman's Club, Spokane

Author: Phil
A great opportunity to hear and share Food Forest implementation experience and insights with Jacqueline Cramer from Seattle’s Beacon Hill Food Forest project. No registration. Free to attend.    
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Food Forest Candidate Tour

Wednesday, September 4th

On Wednesday, September 4th, people who have been interested in Food forests within the Spokane area meet for a 4 hour tour of the following parks to see if they would be good candidates. 

Attended by:  Phiil Small, Ed Bryant, Garth Davis, Kate Burke, Cindy Deffe', Ben Peterson, Tim Kohlhauff, Marilyn Lloyd,  Michael Hagar, Cara Hagar, ........ (Who have I missed?).

Candidate Parks... Froggy Pond, Grant Park, Polly Judd Park, Peaceful Valley and Arboritum.

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