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Published on Monday, June 30, 2014

Update on 2014 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence Planning

Comments, suggestions and volunteers sought.



Here's an update on where we are planning for the 2014 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence. Whether we will actually hold this gathering has NOT been finalized.

I posted this update on the INPG Convergence Organizers' Listserve but we haven't heard back from anyone other than a couple of folks who said they'd be interested in attending. So, I'm expanding the outreach seeking comments, suggestions and volunteers from the Spokane Permaculture community.

Thanks to Gabe's hard work, here's what it looks like at this time

Dates: Sept. 11, 12, 13, 14

Location: Heartsong Retreat Center, Tum Tum, WA (Gabe confirmed with them that this venue is available and the folks there would welcome us)

Cost to INPG: A percentage (yet to be determined) of the profits.

Cost to attendees: To be determined. Work trade specifics also.

Event size: Up to 120 people.

We realize there is not much time, basically 2 months, to put together a gathering. Maybe folks feel like that's not enough time, but Gabe and I agreed that if we hear from just one or two people who are willing to really roll up their sleeves and help with the organizing, we'll keep on working to put on this year's gathering at Heartsong.


Please contact me, Chrys Ostrander at 509-725-0712.

Facilities: Beautiful, fairly large tract of land in a scenic setting 20 miles NW of Spokane. A good-sized indoor kitchen (but much smaller than what we had at Hayden Lake). We might also want to set up a supplemental outdoor kitchen. Large conference room can hold 60 - 70 people. We will also set up Skeeter's Sky Lodge tent. Anyone with a Yurt or other temporary structure able to lend for the event would be most welcome. Rooms in houses there can sleep 16 - 20 folks and probably provide workshop space if needed. A women's lodge can accommodate 8 - 10 women. Lots of room for campers and RVs. When I was there years ago there was a nice sauna. Lakes and canoeing nearby (not sure about swimming).

We will find out more specifics during a site visit that Gabe and I are doing this Friday July 4 at 11am. We'd love it if anyone else wants to meet up with us there. Meet there at 11am.

Here's the address:

Heartsong Retreat
7034 Highway 291
Tumtum, WA 99034

A solid focus on hands-on learning/experience will be a major focus of this convergence. We will begin to put together a group PC design for Heartsong and plan on completing two or three projects on-site during the convergence that will become part of Heartsong's permaculture implementation. This is going to require some pre-convergence planning and coordination. Please communicate if you would like to be part of the design team for this effort. 

Some further notes from Gabe's conversations with Kirsten, our contact person at Heartsong, and me:
(These are supplemental to what has already been communicated over the Organizers' Listserve pertaining to style and content of the convergence)

Hands on workshops.  bees- kim chi- mushrooms-foodforest-
body-mind-spirit workshops-nature walks-plant walks-mushroom walk, morning yoga etc.

family vibes- more youth- between 20-30 yrs. old and younger.
drum circle music circle art.

No alcohol (this is Gabe's strong preference, not a Heartsong requirement - What are folks' feelings about this?)

possibly barry moses opening up sacred space a local native.

For the skylodge we need 4 25 ft poles. Can anyone provide these?

Radical permaculture activism ideas and dialog

Panel talks open to questions from group.

Regional focus.

2 -4 keynote speakers.

donations of food

We need to ask for donations from sponsors starting now. Can someone step forward to coordinate contacting all the past sponsors and new ones as well? We pretty much have all the tools necessary already on the website for sponsors to sign up and pay on-line (I just need to re-work the Sponsors' Packet PDF) so we can start right away. If anyone knows of any potential new sponsors, please make sure whoever takes on the sponsorship duties gets their names and contact information. A list of all our past sponsors is on our website at

I will begin to put together the announcement to go on our website homepage to replace what's there now. I can also coordinate other aspects of the outreach campaign.

We will need folks to take on other important roles:

Workshop/Presenter coordination

Site set-up and logistics

Food and Meals coordinator

Accomodations coordinator (rooms, camping, identifying nearby motels, etc.)

Registration coordinator

Entertainment Coordinator


Lots to do, not much time, but I feel like we can do this scaled-down and self-reliant event if we pull together now to put in a concerted effort.

Please offer your impressions and suggestions!
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