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Published on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Study Group Meeting

Waxing Moon - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Event date: 4/18/2013 3:55 PM - 7:55 AM Export event

Event Location: Conservation District

Regular Spokane Permaculture Study Group meeting (Waxing Moon).


5:55 PM to 7:55 PM, Thursday, 4/18/2013

Location: Spokane Conservation District, 210 N Havana St  Spokane, WA 99202



o    Introductions - 10 minutes

o    Presentation: Season Extension Tools and Techniques - 45 minutes

Michael Hagar will present an overview of a variety of tools and techniques to extend our growing window in the Spokane Area. He lives on the Peone Prairie outside of Mead in a pocket 10 degree colder than 1 mile away. He will discuss his Year 1 experiences (of losing much of his spring starts and fall harvest) and the Permaculture Design Principles behind his season extension decisions for Year 2 of his Project.

He will provide an overview and examples of:

Floating Row Covers
Low Tunnel Hoop Houses (a variety)
High Tunnel (walk-in) Hoop Houses
Large Moveable Green Houses (Pine Meadows Farm Example)

A follow-up Hands-On Workshop (and Social Event)  will be held the following Sunday, April, 21.  From  1pm-3pm to we will demonstrate and build Low Tunnels using hoop benders and steel EMT pipe.  He has benders to create 3’, 4’ and 6’ wide low tunnels (3-4’ high) with ½” (or ¾”) EMT pipe and 10’, 12’ and 20’ wide high tunnels using 1 3/8” 10’6” steel cyclone fence rails.  From 3pm-?  Weather permitting we will have open community social time sharing beer, wine, treats and time.  This will give people a chance to get to know each other better, bend more hoops or just hang out. (More Details to come…)    

o   Open Discussion of the Permaculture Principles involved in Season Extension - 15 minutes.

o   New Economy Report - 15 minutes
Many Permaculture folks attended the New Economy conference this past weekend. We hope to have a short report from attendees of the "New Economy" conference.

o   Proposed Plant Sale Discussion… A Decision Point  - 15 minutes

o   Due to a limited response and commitments to help in the proposed June Plant Sale we need to explore whether we should just cancel the event until next year in hopes that we will have a larger and more organized community to share the workload and responsibilities.

o    Call for ideas and volunteers to present at upcoming Study Groups: - 15 minutes

o    Q & A time: Got a burning question, or a puzzle you're stuck on? - ??  Until the end of the Meeting

The Waxing Phase of the Moon

We alternate our study group meetings between waning and waxing phases of the Moon. The impetus behind this is to free our members to attend to their fixed commitments (ev 2nd Tues and such), but also in celebration of the natural cycles we observe in our gardens, lunar cycle being one. Since the Moon's gravity influences ocean tides, it is thought that gravity tugs and pushes at the water in plants and soil. The rise and fall of moonlight also has influence in the garden. Lunar gardeners say these combine to impact seed germination, root vs top growth emphasis, floral development, and fruit production. While science has yet to validate a lunar effect, the tradition is strong, and it is fun to to think about.

Lunar gardeners say that seeds should be planted during the waxing period leading to a full Moon because moisture in the ground becomes most available to plants during the full moon. During both waxing weeks, increasing moonlight stimulates the production of foliage.
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