Spotlight on Local Projects

Here are a few of the Public and Private Permaculture projects that are in progress in the Spokane area.  We will highlight any project that may inspire and inform other neighbors that they can and should get started now.





Important: Survey for INPG Plant and Tree Distribution

Looks like we are game to put on another Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild Cooperative Plant and Tree Distribution this spring!

So this is important. Fill it out this survey today.
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cooperative regional tree and plant order

Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild is providing on-line ordering as a service

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Group Tree Purchase?

I'd like to guage the interest level

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Free Hands-on Log Building Yurt Workshop - Near Clark Fork, ID

Free Hands-on Log Building Yurt Workshop - Near Clark Fork, ID

Day and Time: 
Aug 1 2014 (All day) - Aug 3 2014 (All day)

Details at

Please note: The workshop is FREE despite some references in the promotional materials of a cost of $45. Please bring food to share through the weekend.

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Work Party at Tolstoy Farm

Saturday, June 14th (all day) and Sunday the 15th (8am 'til 12:30 potluck lunch)

Come out and help restore the creek, check out a beautiful organic farm and intentional community, and get out of the city for the weekend!

Camping is totally an option... There is also plenty of floor in my house to crash on.

In Laura's words:
Bring stuff for a potluck lunch, and bring gloves, loppers, pruning saws. Anyone wanting green willow, dogwood or alder for craft projects or the like, this is a great chance as we have to cut it anyway.There will also be wild rose, mock orange (not true mock orange) and clematis, nettles, comfrey, and other possibly prickly stuff.. so wear protective clothes. Our goal will be to open up the creek channel about 10 feet high and 10 feet wide so that both the water will have a clear channel to flow and carry debris away and so that when the mini excavator comes it can get through without having to rip plants and shrubs out.

We very much appreciate any time and energy you can offer to help out with this.

Please RSVP to 509-725-0317 for info and directions. If a bunch of folks are coming from Spokane, we may try to connect you for carpooling as it's green! and we have limited parking, so we will need spread out the parking in several areas if there's lots of cars.

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Raise Your Voice for Local Food

Earth Day 2014 is the Official Kick-off of Raise Your Fork Washington! A new organization inviting your involvement

We have an information-rich, interactive website. We’ll be providing educational programs. We’ll be involved in local foods enterprise development and youth entrepreneurship programs, home kitchens and other kitchens to process more WA-grown produce. We’ll be setting up grassroots affiliates in every WA county. We’ll be standing up for your rights to choose the foods you think are best for you. Together, we will help preserve farmland and revitalize local food systems throughout the state. Please explore our website to find out more and JOIN!

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Spokane Urban Agriculture Planning Meeting

Sat. January 11 - 2pm - Spokane Public Library Downtown Branch

The next meeting of this Urban Agriculture group will be on Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 2pm at the Spokane Public Library, Downtown Branch and will be geared towards discussing the creation of a phasing plan.

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to attend. You may contact Omar at
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The Pine Meadow Farm Center is Closing

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the impending closure of Pine Meadow Farm Center. We will be officially closing our doors on August 31st.
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Goat Husbandry for the Backyard and the Small Producer

Pine Meadow Farm Center

Come and receive an introduction about how to raise goats for milk, meat, fiber, weed control or simply companionship. Or, if you already have goats, come and share what you know and possibly learn new tricks. Whether you have just a small backyard or larger acreage, you could move a step closer to self-sufficiency by joining the world-wide goat rearing crowd.

Saturday, April 27th, 2013 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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