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Pollarding Trees

I've discovered a Facebook Group titled Tree Hay.  There's a good discussion on the Regarians Facebook page re: pollarding trees to feed animals.  Take a look at this YouTube video too.

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Living Fences

See this website for good information about growing a living fence using willows.
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The Classic Texts Downloadable for your Agriculture Library

Wisdom from agricultural heroes

Per the website owner:

This website provides downloadable e-books about radical agriculture, natural hygiene/nature cure and self-sufficient homestead living. There are secondary collections involving social criticism and transformational psychology.

No payment is required.

The library explores the connection between agricultural methods and the health or illness of animals and humans. A study of these materials reveals how to prevent and heal disease and increase longevity, suggests how to live a more fulfilling life and reveals social forces working against that possibility.


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Honey Locust

Uses: nitrogen fixer, wild and domestic animal fodder. Coppicing increases amount of wood available for use.

Take a look at this tree.  It's uses include nitrogen fixation, wild and domestic animal fodder, rot resistant timber good for fence posts and furniture.  The spring flowers attract all pollinators.  Coppicing increases amount of wood available for use.  

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Sponsors Invited!

The 2013 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence

If you would like to join a vibrant and growing community of Convergence Sponsors, please visit the Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild's website. There you can find out the benefits of becoming a Convergence Sponsor (besides the warm, fuzzy feeling you will have) and you can also donate your sponsorship funds, from $150 to $750, on-line.
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6 Core Permaculture Techniques - Producing Food Sustainably and Naturally

by Jack Spirko of SurvivalPodcast

Published on Apr 29, 2013

This is a very good 2 hour video on the essentials of Permaculture.   No fluff here.  Good explanations on:

6 Core Permaculture Techniques

Forest Gardening / Food Forest Establishment
Creating and Using Seed Mixtures
Lawn to Pasture Conversion
Zone Planning and Implementation
Mob Grazing / Small Livestock Paddock Shift Systems
Developing Regionally Adapted Seed Strains
Contour Based Wood Core Beds

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Redesigning Civilization – with Permaculture

by Toby Hemenway March 8, 2013

Modern agriculture, industry and finance all extract more than they give back, and the Earth is starting to show the strain. How did we get in this mess and what can we do to help our culture get back on track? The ecological design approach known as permaculture offers powerful tools for the design of regenerative, fair ways to provide food, energy, livelihood, and other needs while letting humans share the planet with the rest of nature. This presentation will give you insight into why our culture has become fundamentally unsustainable, and offers ecologically based solutions that can help create a just and sustainable society. This is the sequel to Toby’s popular talk, "How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and The Planet, but not Civilization."
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Holistic Management

TED Talk with Allan Savory

WOW!  Recently Maurice Robinette gave a talk about "Holistic Management" at the Spokane Permaculture Study Group.  It was very interesting but after watching this TED Talk video from the originator of the concept (Allan Savory),  I realize I just didn't get the BIG PICTURE.  Very worth while video with global implications.  Thanks for the introduction Maurice :).
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Example of Creating a Community Food Forest

Erik Ohlsen (  takes you on a tour of an edible oasis he created on a 1/3 acre asphalt lot, encouraging you to think about sustainable living for small-town and suburban life. In the face of drought, fire, peak oil, energy depletion, soil depletion and more, what can you do to live a more eco-friendly life?

Monday, March 04, 2013/Author: Mike Hagar (website host)/Number of views (22662)/Comments (4)/ Article rating: 5.0
Soil Health Workshop Report

Soil Health Workshop Report

How I Was Positively Blown Away by USDA

USDA's national soil health team is exhorting local wheat farmers to replace chemical fallow and till-fallow with living cover on the promise that the soil vitality achieved will increase yields, stabilize and increase farm net income, reduce inputs, and eliminate reliance on synthetic fertilizer and herbicides. Our local Spokane Conservation District sponsored one of the workshops.

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