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2013 SPSG Tree Purchase - CANCELED

Published on Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 SPSG Tree Purchase - CANCELED

Get your tree list here...

Last year we put together an order for trees and shrubs from Lawyers Nursery. Do we want to do a similar group purchase this year? The advantage is bulk pricing, a break on shipping, and an opportunity to raise some funds for the group. To assure selection we should jump on this pronto.

From last year's order spreadsheet, I built a plant list, along with some price hints. It is attached: Please take a look at it, let pcspokane at know what you think.
I have cc'd Garth, arborist with the Spokane Conservation District. The District has an annual tree sale, Garth in charge. The district is offering our local permie group the opportunity to set up a table so that folks coming to pick up their trees from the District can swing by and engage us on permaculture. Very generous - this would be like the first Fri-Sat in April. There is also an a generous offer from the District to pick up our order from Lawyers, transport it to the District. We'll need to inventory it with the District when it arrives, and from there the district has the room to store it until the weekend when we can meet there to distribute it. There is no direct cost to us for this, normally transportation would add 20% to our costs.
Garth also has some ideas for us about other nursery sources, different timing, so if there is interest, we could do some good things working with Garth.

Warm regards, Phil

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PS:  The other pictures in this article were only added for example purposes.

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Mike Hagar (website host)

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