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Published on Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spokane Lease Your Lawn Cooperative Farm

Permie designers, job seekers and urban property owners needed!

Would you like to grow the citys food and do your part to solve the climate, economic, and environmental problems? See what kind of oppertunities Spokane LYL Coop Farm has for you! 

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3 comments on article "Spokane Lease Your Lawn Cooperative Farm"



5/25/2014 1:13 PM

Would you like to grow your citys food and solve the economic and environmental problems using permaculture design science? See what oppertunities Spokane LYL Coop Farm has for you today!



6/4/2014 11:00 PM

I would want to have my own farm. it's like I have my own supply of fresh fruits, milk and vegetables.



6/6/2014 8:31 PM

New pictures of recent property pledges and Peacock in Egypt slideshow updated! Check out the lawns leased at:

As of today the farm is approximately 100,000sqft in six neighborhoods. Need PDC designers and workers.

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