Permaculture Heros - Local, National and World Wide

The following list of People are pioneers in the Permaculture movement and should be explored as examples of what one person can do to help change the course of the planet.


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Tilia Cordata (Linden species)

Large tree with edible leaves, flowers, nutlets. Good all around tree for people and livestock

Author: Annie M
Linden is a fast growing tree reaching 100 ft when full grown. Leaves are good additional green in salads. Flowers make a delicious tea. Nutlets have been compared to chocolate. Tilia Cordata (Little Leaf Linden) hardy to zone 4. This tree is a very good bee attractant. Linden honey is of high value.
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Chestnut Cultivation

Increase nutrition in your food forest using chestnut trees.

Author: Annie M

Take look at this website for detailed info re: cultivation of chestnut trees.  The article includes site selection, planting instructions for direct seeding or starting seedlings in pots, maintenance of your orchard, deer control strategies, pest and pathogen info, fertilization and watering requirements.  They also list some other websites for further information. 

Here's a You Tube video. It covers food value, timber value, feed value for livestock, medicinal uses.

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2013 SPSG Tree Purchase - CANCELED

Get your tree list here...

We are getting started organizing the 2013 Group Tree Purchase

UPDATE:  This event was canceled because we did not feel we could not get organized enough this year to do a good job.

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Autumn Britten Raspberry

One of the earliest fall bearing raspberry varieties.

One of the earliest fall bearing raspberry varieties. Berries turn red in mid-July. Large, sweet fruit are firm yet juicy, and the canes are upright and vigorous. Primary variety for farm production as it makes large berries that come ripe earlier in the season. Autumn Britten is disease resistant and should have a low trellis, for though the canes are sturdy, they bow under the weight of the berries.
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Siberian Pea Shrub

Caragana arborescens

Author: Cara
Siberian Pea-shrub is an especially useful plant for permaculture installations.  Because of its nitrogen-fixing capacity, it is valued as a guild plant for fruit trees as it provides longterm nitrogen to those plants in its immediate vacinity.  Additionally, it is rapid growing and reproduces readily.  Visit the links in the expanded article for pictures and lots more information.
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