Permaculture Heros - Local, National and World Wide

The following list of People are pioneers in the Permaculture movement and should be explored as examples of what one person can do to help change the course of the planet.


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Deer Resistant Flowers

Author: Earthchild
Over the past five years, I have tried to pretty up my husband's rural driveway.  In the beginning, all I did was make a garden for the dear  deer, LOL.  Last year, I discovered that they do not eat blue flowers or colored yarrow.  They will leave most of the plants in this list alone, but be sure to save seeds, and watch in the fall and the spring because the fawns will yank up, taste, and spit out anything that is green, such as Iris. 
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Author: Earthchild
I think rabbits are way better than chickens, as long as they do not get loose!
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Cooking Greens

Perennial Vegetables

Author: Earthchild
The first perennial food sources in the spring are SHOOTS. [See article of Apr 6th]  The next to emerge are the GREENS.  The earliest COOKIN' GREENS are probably watercress and dandelions, with the next being stinging nettles.  I love wild plants!  If I have missed your favorite cooking green, please leave a comment!
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Upcoming Spokane Plant Sale Events

Author: Phil

We have three local plant sales left to go this spring.

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Hardy Bamboo

Phyllostachys Atrovaginata, "Incense Bambo"

Author: Kamori
Profile of Phyllostachys Atrovaginata, a cold-hardy, running bamboo with edible shoots and large, sturdy canes for multiple uses.
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