Permaculture Heros - Local, National and World Wide

The following list of People are pioneers in the Permaculture movement and should be explored as examples of what one person can do to help change the course of the planet.


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The Essence of Permaculture

David Holmgren

This is a 23 page download-able ebook by one of the movements original advocates provides a great introduction to Permaculture.
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Establishing a Food Forest - the Permaculture Way

by Geoff Lawton

Full version of this hard to get video by Geoff Lawton 1 hour 23 min.
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Free Online Permaculture Course!

Crowd-funding to make it happen for all of us.

Author: Cara
Check out this video.  To help spread the principles of permaculture, The Regenerative Leadership Institute, self described as "The Nation's Sustainable Living, Leadership and Permaculture School" in Beaverton, Ore is attempting to produce a full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and make it available free online.   Click on "Read More" below to check it out!
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The Resilient Farm and Homestead

by Ben Falk of Whole Systems Design

The Resilient Farm and Homestead is a handbook for developing regenerative human habitat systems adaptive to drought, flooding, heat, power outage, price spikes, pest pressure, and the multitude of challenges brought by climate change, peak oil, food system contamination and economic decline.
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Permaculture Zones

Definition provided by PermaWiki

Zones in permaculture design refers to a method of ensuring that elements are correctly placed. Zoning is about correct placement- positioning things in ways that are the most appropriate; Zones are numbered from 0 to 5, and can be thought of as a series of concentric rings moving out from a centre point, where human activity and need for attention is most concentrated, to where there is no need for intervention at all...
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