Permaculture Heros - Local, National and World Wide

The following list of People are pioneers in the Permaculture movement and should be explored as examples of what one person can do to help change the course of the planet.


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Siberian Pea Shrub

Caragana arborescens

Author: Cara
Siberian Pea-shrub is an especially useful plant for permaculture installations.  Because of its nitrogen-fixing capacity, it is valued as a guild plant for fruit trees as it provides longterm nitrogen to those plants in its immediate vacinity.  Additionally, it is rapid growing and reproduces readily.  Visit the links in the expanded article for pictures and lots more information.
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Mighty Mustard

Really Spicy Mustard

Author: Anonym

Two varieties of Mustard developed on the Palouse for chemical-free weed suppression and some pest control.

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Spokane Oasis Market Garden Brief

Presented by Bruce-Ruhl Design

Author: merlinuhl
A short brief of the vision known as the Spokane Oasis Market Garden. A 54,000+sq ft Sustainable Garden-scape to be implemented on the roof of the Spokane Public Market, downtown Spokane on 2nd and Browne.
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Perennial Vegetables - Cold/Temperate Zone 4-7

List from Eric Toensmeier's book "Perennial Vegetables"

This list was found on Eric Toensmeier's website :

Cold Temperate: East, Midwest, and Mountain West

This is a large and highly populated region covering much the eastern and central United States, as well as much of the warmer parts of Canada. This region corresponds with USDA Zones 4–7, and Sunset Zones 2–4, 6, 11, and 32–43.

From the website you can explore other zones.

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Free Online Permaculture Course!

Crowd-funding to make it happen for all of us.

Author: Cara
Check out this video.  To help spread the principles of permaculture, The Regenerative Leadership Institute, self described as "The Nation's Sustainable Living, Leadership and Permaculture School" in Beaverton, Ore is attempting to produce a full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and make it available free online.   Click on "Read More" below to check it out!
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