Permaculture Heros - Local, National and World Wide

The following list of People are pioneers in the Permaculture movement and should be explored as examples of what one person can do to help change the course of the planet.


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Permaculture principles and me

Efficient energy planning

Author: Thom
An ongoing look at permaculture principles and what they mean to one person
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nature climate change

Author: Redurth
Interesting new to me source I'm sharing...
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The Green House

West central co-housing gardening/ animal keeping/education experiment

Author: Redurth
Summer of 2012 these 2 city lots were purchased with a vision.

6 housemates and a dog this Spring are planting the seeds along with youth around the area.

I, Adam Brown, pruned up a cherry in the front and planted some gifted Comfrey, from a member at the last meeting, underneath. I also pruned up some original? Lilacs and Honeysuckle that may have been planted in the mid 20th century. My friend Beth Mort helped me start up some compost. My friend Ed Bryant stopped by and gave me some pointers and my buddy Dan Dengler removed one of the 9 Silver maples in order to allow some more Sun on the empty lot where the future greenhouse may be and also to provide lumber for the future dining table.
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Edible Shoots

Perennial Vegetables

Author: Earthchild
Food is mostly the same thing, over and over, and you buy it ready to eat, or nearly so.  Very few still raise their own food, and even fewer know that many edible plants are perennial.   I will write on vegetable food plants, hardy in zone 3 or 4, that come up every year or reseed themselves:  Shoots, tubers & bulbs, cooking greens, and salad greens.  [Burpee calls the Spokane area zone 5.]   My sources will include books, magazine articles, and websites.  If you know of other edible perennial plants in each category, please leave a comment!
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Feeding the flock from the Homestead's own resources

Author: Annie M
If you have read “Making Your Own Poultry Feeds”, a discussion of making my own feed mixes to replace commercial feeds for my flocks, you will remember my two criteria for superior poultry food: that it be live and raw . For the following discussion, let’s add a third: and produced from the homestead’s own resources.
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