Zone Zero

Map of the Spokane region.

So, Spokane Permaculture has a new website. Here it is. Ta da!

There's a reason for calling this page Zone Zero. There is almost no content, yet. Also, in Permaculture, you are zone zero. It's up to you. This website is a platform for Permaculturists of the Spokane region to share what you know. Teach by example. Brag a little. Ask questions. Tell us how you are terraforming your own environment. What tricks have you learned? What do you have to trade?

Mike Hagar built the first Spokane Permaculture website. It engaged the community for years. It came time to hand the reins to a new maintainer. We tried to preserve as much of the content from the original website as possible despite having lost access to its file system and database. I have developed a method for keeping that history accessible on this website, but it will take some time to organize it. A sample of content from the old site is the Comfrey article.

The website is a sharing circle. Sign up and join us. 

Chrys Ostrander
Current website maintainer


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